IX Congreso de la Red Mundial de
Reservas de Biosfera Islas y Zonas Costeras
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Welcome to the IX MEETING OF THE WORLD NETWORK OF ISLAND AND COASTAL BIOSPHERE RESERVES website. This event will be held in the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) from the 15th to the 20th of September 2019.

Created in 2009, the World Network of Island and Coastal Biosphere Reserves currently includes more than 80 island or coastal area biosphere reserves, which represents over 10% of the total biosphere reserves worldwide.

The Network aims to foster sustainable development in islands and coastal areas and to promote adaptation and mitigation strategies on climate change. It is operated by two technical secretariats working together: Island of Jeju (Republic of Korea) and Menorca (Spain).

This year’s meeting will be hosted by the GCBR in South Africa, under the topic Coastlines in Balance, with the aim of strengthening cooperation among partners and advance in mutual learning and networking in coastal management.

The GCBR is located in the southern part of South Africa, across parts of the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape. It is an incredibly unique place in that it is the only area in the world where three global biodiversity hotspots converge: the Fynbos, Succulent Karoo and Maputoland-Tongoland-Albany hotspots.

On the 9th June 2015 UNESCO approved the designation of the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve as South Africa’s 7th, and largest biosphere reserve – at 3 187 893 hectares!

Please visit the GCBR website at https://gouritz.com/ to find out more about it!

Organising entities and sponsors:

The Meeting is being organised thanks to the cooperation of the MAB UNESCO Secretariat, the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve, the Jeju Biosphere Reserve, the Menorca Biosphere Reserve Agency, the National Parks Autonomous Agency (OAPN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Environment of Spain and the MAB National Committee of South Korea.

The GCBR kindly acknowledges its local sponsor for the event:


Gourikwa Reserve
15 Buffelshoek
Gouritsmond, 6696
Western Cape
Republic of South Africa

Gourikwa map


The provisional list of biosphere reserves to take part in the Meeting is:

Patagonia Azul BR (Argentina), Great Sandy BR (Australia), Guanahacabibes BR (Cuba), West Estonian Archipelago BR (Estonia), Waddensea of Lower Saxony BR (Germany), Jeju Island BR (Republic of Korea), Korea National Park Service (Republic of Korea), Yakushima and Kuchinoerabu Jima BR (Japan), Ministry of Environment Maldives, Macchabee / Bel Ombre BR (Mauritius), Commander Islands BR (Russia), Garden Route BR (South Africa), Gouritz Cluster BR (South Africa), Kogelberg BR (South Africa), Cape Winelands BR (South Africa), National MAB Committee (South Africa), Jozani-Chwaka Bay BR (Tanzania), National Parks Autonomous Agency (OAPN) (Spain), Fuerteventura BR (Spain), Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo BR (Spain), Gran Canaria BR (Spain), Urdaibai BR (Spain), WNICBR Menorca Technical Office (Spain).


Delegates are advised to bring suitable attire for walking in terrain which is bushy, wet, thorny or sandy. Delegates are also welcome to bring swimming costumes as swimming facilities are available.

Please advise the organisers of any special dietary requirements at admin@gouritz.com

Weather forecast (provisional)

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Red Mundial de Reservas de Biosfera Islas y Zonas Costeras La Red Mundial de Reservas de Biosfera Islas y Zonas Costeras fue creada en 2009 por el programa MAB de la UNESCO para impulsar el desarrollo sostenible en islas y zonas costeras y promover estrategias de adaptación y mitigación frente al cambio climático. PRESENTACIÓN
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